Safety of life at sea is our primary concern. We supply a full range of life-saving systems for all areas of marine activity from offshore platforms and passenger ships, to cargo ships, commercial fishing and yachting.

Man Over Board

Man  Over BoardOnly Service

Hydrostatic Release Unit

Hammar  H20 Hydrostatic Release UnitHammar H20 - Don’t forget to bring with your raft while it’s been servicing.


Line Thrower

Line  ThrowerThrows a line 300m in calm weather.It has replacement rocket, please pay attention to this product.



Handflares has more than 60 seconds burning time.



It’s flare ejection high is 350m.

Smoke Signal

Smoke Signal

Smoke duration time is more than 3 minutes.



Emergency Food Rations

Emergency  Food Rations

Emergency Water Rations

Emergency  Water Rations

IMO Symbols

IMO  Symbols

For your orders please notice the original IMO Symbol codes and explanations.